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Chylyng Co.,LTD since 2012. From the beginning, our company regards RND and INNOVATION as our core values. We started with customization wireless remote control APP. It provides professional project design, such as APP project, cloud system. It also provides solutions of service both with integration and development of software and hardware. In addition, we already accumulate almost 100 cases to The Internet of Things.

In 2012, company founded. It started with customization wireless control APP services.

In 2013, Chylyng earned one of the excellent enterprise of Taoyuan SBIR program.

In 2014, Chylyng was assisted by new fundraising platform also was selected to the highlight business of Taoyuan.

In 2015, Chylyng was awarded for excellent enterprise of Ministry of Economic Affairs in data-service-promotion program.

In 2015, Chylyng was selected for SME A+ program of Ministry of Economic Affairs.

In 2016, Chylyng was awarded for the highlight enterprise of start-up program of Ministry of Economic Affairs.

In 2016, Chylyng hit the New Fundraising Platform (stock symbol:7510).

In 2016, Chylyng was awarded for Youth Entrepreneurship Award of Taoyuan excellent companies.

In 2017, Chylyng was once again awarded for Youth Entrepreneuship Award of Taoyuan excellent companies.

In 2018, Chylyng was awarded for the Taoyuan Service Quality Award

In 2019, Chylyng was awarded for incubation enterprise innovation award held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs

In 2020, Chylyng established the NB-IoT wearable application service platform alliance

In 2021, Chylyng becomes a qualified supplier of a listed telecommunications company and a well-known bamboo factory

Bluetooth Smart Health Watch Solution- Data Analysis Cloud Platform


Personnel positioning and IOT management solution


GPS/NB-IOT watch application solution


Platform of NFC Interactive navigation system


Chylyng has developed a series of wearable Internet of Things which includes (1)Bluetooth Smart Health Watch Solution- Data Analysis Cloud Platform, (2)Personnel positioning and IOT management solution, (3)GPS/NB-IOT watch application solution, (4)Platform of NFC Interactive navigation system.
We wish to push intelligent and convenience ahead every industry by wearable Internet of Things. So far, we have 14 patents and continue applying for foreign patent. We attended new fundraising platform

Latest news

Chylyng provides integration solutions of wearable Internet of Things

In the closed area, sending notifications to specific users (Eleplo)

Eleplo not only provides indoor positioning and health information collection, but also assists business partners to send information notifications to specific users within enclosed areas, especially in high-tech manufacturing environments where mobile phones cannot be brought into the factory. For example, in a semiconductor production line, or in a hospital, assisting in notifying patients to specific clinics.

#EnclosedArea #Notification #AssignedTask #MessageNotification #Temperaturesensing

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GPwear launches CAT-M1/NB-IoT positioning bracelet (GP20ca)

GPWear supports a variety of asset location management devices (cellular IoT such as LTE Cat.1, Cat-M1, NB-IoT, etc.).What we introduce this time is the CAT-M1/NB-IoT positioning bracelet (model: GP20ca). This bracelet is compatible with the GPwear platform, and can also regularly detect healthy physiological values such as steps, heart rate, blood oxygen and GPS positioning information, and upload them through IoT SIM.

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New Fall Detection Smart Bracelet (Eleplo)

Eleplo supports various forms of health bracelets and positioning tags, as well as various positioning structures (including Bluetooth Beacon positioning, UWB positioning, Wifi positioning, UHF positioning...etc.), built-in complete application module functions, allowing cooperative manufacturers to quickly integrate, Get to market quickly.

At present, it has been successfully introduced into multiple personnel positioning applications, long-term care environment, well-known semiconductor facto

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GPwear supports solar GPS trackers

GPwear supports a variety of asset positioning devices, including GPS positioning bracelets/watches, positioning tags, positioning trackers, asset locators...etc. The new solar GPS tracker not only supports NB-Iot low-power communication, but also IP68 high waterproof. In addition, it can be fixed with strong magnets and screws, which is very convenient! In particular, a pairing check can be performed between two locators to avoid the situation where the wrong container is pulled....

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NB-IoT Wearable Device IoT Alliance Press conference

Taiwan's first NB-IoT application service cloud platform.
This is an innovative IoT platform alliance, which is mainly provided to owners in various application fields (health long-term care, work safety management, sports records, personnel positioning tracking, etc.) without having to develop their own NB- IoT bracelet and basic system. As long as you cooperate with our platform, you can develop related applications. The platform will have the power to develop international business.

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Chylyng's bluetooth beacon indoor localization bracelets&IoT management solutions are well recognized by the Ministry of Economi

Through accumulating experience of project development and searching market of bracelets, Chylyng got part of B2B market by serving bluetooth beacon indoor localization bracelets. Then we provided innovative wearable IoT platforms and cloud services. In smart health, security control and education&tourism fields, we got some achievements. And that helped us get the incubation enterprise innovation award held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs finally.

successful cases

Internet of Things/ Smart wearable Devices/Smart campus/Smart home/Long-Term Care Service/Industrial 4.0/Smart guide

Integration of queuing system(using Eleplo)

In this successful case, North District Hospital successfully integrated their queuing system with Eleplo, utilizing Eleplo's closed-area wristband notification mechanism to provide more convenient notification services for MRI examination patients. This improvement in service workflow has enhanced the overall patient experience during their visits. In the new service process, when patients check-in, they are provided with a wristband. When it's their turn, the notification message is not only displayed on

Well-known Nursing University Research(using GPwear)

In this successful case, GPwear helped a well-known nursing university to carry out a research project and speed up the research progress. Through the GPwear wristband, regularly upload the health information and location data of the care receiver, and provide record query. In addition, GPwear can also use API integration to extend applications. #nursing research #Medical Research #GPwear #software as a service #NB-IoT/Cat.1 #WearableIoT

5G VR interactive concert (using Eleplo)

In this case, the audience participating in the VR interactive concert can not only experience a rich sound and light experience by wearing AR glasses, but also interact by wearing a physiological detection bracelet. This scenario works with a Beacon bracelet that detects physiological data. Through the Eleplo platform, collect data from multiple bracelets in the scene for feedback analysis. #5G #VR Interactive Concert #Eleplo #Wear IoT #1-to-many gathering #Beacon

Smart museum management(using Eleplo)

In this successful case, Eleplo combines UWB technology to provide precise positioning and movement management for cultural relics. In addition, it also provides a warning mechanism for restricted areas to ensure the safety of important cultural relic. Eleplo can not only support Bluetooth positioning and UWB precise positioning technology, but also support UHF technology framework. In this case, Eleplo also uses UHF technology to carry out inventory management and inbound and outbound management of cultura

Smart chemical plants(Eleplo Extended Application)

Eleplo Extended Application: In this successful case, Chylyng assisted the customer to manage the chemical tank data more effectively. These data can not only be automatically collected by DCS/PLC, but also recorded by smart inspection. These aggregated data will be entered into the system for comparison, and an alarm will be notified if there is an abnormality. In addition, the system provides the function of exporting reports to facilitate management. #Eleplo #PLC #DCS

Elderly healthcare in remote area(using GPwear)

In this case, hundreds of elders wear GPwear-compatible bracelets, communicate via NB-IoT, and collect health information and positioning information to the GPwear platform. This data can be linked to case management systems, allowing managers to provide regular care services. In addition, the GPwear platform also provides flexible electronic fence management services to prevent the elderly from getting lost. #GPwear #wear IoT #cellular IoT #NB-IOT #personnel and asset location management #SaaS platform #h

Information notification in smart factory(using Eleplo)

In the case, Eleplo provided factory customers with more convenient personnel management services. Through the Eleplo platform, customers can more easily realize the management of the restricted area fence. When someone appears in the restricted area, the system will send out an alarm. In addition, Eleplo can also implement the function of sending messages in a closed area, That is to send a message to a specific bracelet. #Wearable IOT #Eleplo #Send Message #Beacon Gateway #Beacon Smart bracelet #Body tem

Prisoners Health mgt. (using Eleplo)

In this successful case,Eleplo platform is used in the field of prison applications. Through the Chylyng Eleplo platform, health data can be collected in real time and displayed on the information board. In addition, it also allows managers to easily set the alarm range (for example, the body temperature is too high) and view the alert records. #Wearable IOT #Eleplo #Beacon Gateway #Beacon Smart bracelet #Body temperature monitoring #Heart rate monitoring #One-to-many management

Community Health Promotion(using GPwear)

In this successful case, Chylyng used GPwear's PAAS framework to quickly assist partners in providing community care management services for the elderly. It not only provides location and health information query front-end through GPwear, but also provides an integrated interface that allows them to carry out value-added applications and actually apply the results to Tainan community health services. #GPwear #NB-IoT #cellular things network # healthcare #wearable things network #NB-IoT bracelet

Smart campus(using Eleplo)

With Chylyng bluetooth beacon healthcare bracelet, it automatically records both students in&out school's time and exercising data in PE class or using sport facilities . We also can analyze data and integrate informations via Chylyng's Hub# cloud platform, and build smart campus. #Eleplo #iBeacon #Beacon #Bluetooth indoor positioning bracelet #Smart campus

Smart water tower (with IoT cloud platform)

TAIRONE Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. used Chylyng's IoT cloud platforms to create smart water tower system. It provides both consistently monitoring and automatic sensing descaling. This is a system that integrates environmental protection, safety, energy saving, healthcare and money saving functions, and will definitely be your best partner. # If you need smart energy saving&cooling water tower, welcome to contact us or search "TAIRONE Energy Saving Technology"!

17 GOFIT- Bluetooth smart bracelet B2B cloud platform

Features of this B2B bracelet APP are that clients can present their own LOGO and welcome page, also it has several practical functions such as heart rate, blood oxygen and so on. Through these functions can make company and staff to gel.

Wearable AI sensing system- Hospital management

This case combines Bluetooth smart bracelet and Gateway. Use two-way communication and positioning bracelet to integrate. The user’s location and physiology information will be collected via Gateway, also through this Gateway can send messages to designated user. This system utilizes for personnel management in hospitals.

NFC/RFID wearable bracelet -Challenge-passing learning system

The innovative application of challenge-passing learning system can make students to learn by interesting interaction via wearable bracelet. Besides, teachers can collect Q&A from students to analyze and get more information of learning outcome.

NFC/RFID wearable bracelet – RPG game of Dadaocheng

The glory of Dadaocheng reappears since RPG game of Dadaocheng old street can be operated and make a payment by smart bracelet.

Smart luggage IOT System

In this case, we cooperate with Planet Traveler. With this system, you can tracker your luggage, also it has digital scale which can weight your luggage. Moreover, it has several smart functions, such as fingerprint recognition and burglar alarm system.

The Internet of Things- 100 successful cases

Accumulates lots experience of The Internet of Things since company founded.







The details of the smart watch with IOT solution


CV28M it’s a product of our B2B smart bracelets with 17GoFit on APP store. Large OLED touch screenNot only it has pedometer, also it has health management functions such as monitors sleep quality, blood oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure and workout goal

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BV SERIES (Beacon type)

BV Series smart bracelet can connect with Gateway or mobile phone by broadcast (beacon type). Also, it can achieve information-collected with several indoor localization and Bluetooth beacon bracelets at the same time. Therefore, it can be used for industr

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GPS smart watch, NB-IOT watch, anti-lost system of senior and children, GPS positioning solution.

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HB Series is operated by NFC/RFID smart bracelet which interact with NFC sensor. It can use in challenge-passing, guide, patrol, punch time, access card and exchange points.

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